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  • Can you envision an English course where you don´t have to worry about homework, there are no books and there aren't too many people.

  • Imagine an English course where there is no Slovak, no dictionaries and no paper exercises.
  • Try to visualize an English course where the people around you are as eager to learn as you are and help you to create this total English environment.
  • Picture an English course where the teacher doesn´t speak Slovak at all and can only give you explanations in English.
  • Don´t you think that you can learn in this environment? Because we do. This course is 3x a week, you can choose your own schedule online, there are 144 possible classes with a native speaker for only 199€. You learn to become confident in English and finally learn to speak fluently in one course. What are you waiting for? We use the Virtual Dynamic English Learning Method which is only taught at this school and was created by the owner of the school Wesley B Calloway. This Method has a unique way of getting students to speak fluently without using books, using exercise papers or homework. It enhances your memory, pronunciation and overall speaking confidence. We guarantee this for the 1 year course.